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You're probably here looking for the Java DragonSpires client/server source code. You're in the right place. I've decided to host the sources on SourceForge so that they'll always be available and so that there's stronger evidence that they came from me and not somewhere else.

If you haven't already, check out my DragonSpires page for more information on DragonSpires.

The files available here on SourceForge are almost entirely source-only. There are many other files that make up the "complete picture" of DragonSpires. If you're interested in more than just the source code, see my DragonSpires page.

The client and server sources are, not surprisingly, written in Java. The client is Java 1.0 compliant. The server requires Java 1.2. The sources are available under the BSD license (it's in the zip file, you should read it). You can download them here. Keep in mind that I was in no way an "expert" when I wrote this code, heh.

The Java DragonSpires SourceForge project page is here. I may add a FAQ here. We'll see what happens.

Copyright © 2004, Adam Maloy